Running with a Group

Happy Friday Everyone! I am excited the weekend is almost here! Unfortunately, this is the week where my group starts our long runs at 6 am on Saturdays instead of 7 am to try to beat the heat – so no “sleeping in” on Saturday! We have been pretty fortunate this May in Dallas and it really hasn’t been too hot yet. We all know it is around the corner, so we are just enjoying these last few mornings in the high 60s, low 70s before it changes to mid-low 80s at 5 am. I actually got in a run this morning with one of my running ladies which leads perfectly into my topic of group running!

12 of us from the running group decided to run a Ragnar Relay together - SO FUN

12 of us from the running group decided to run a Ragnar Relay together – SO FUN

I personally have pretty much always run with a group! Growing up I participated in track and cross country and always ran as a group in practice and would run with my mom during the off seasons! In college, I also would run with my teammates and would try to find people to run with over the summer (thanks mom!). Once I graduated school, I lived at home for the first few months and trained with my mom for my first marathon and we joined the Lukes Locker Training group to have people to run with for our long runs. Once I moved out of my parent’s house, I found a group in Dallas to log miles with and not only has it helped hold me accountable, I’ve made some of my best friends through running (oh and met my husband through running!). I’ve definitely discovered that running is a great way to “make new friends” as an adult. I can’t even describe how great the group is that I have been running with the past 7 years since I moved to Dallas. We seriously are a family — the group has definitely changed throughout the years with people joining the group and moving away but we all have remained close with our weekly runs throughout the week. My husband and I both run with the same group which is fun and is also a good motivator in the mornings — don’t want to stay in bed asleep and feeling guilty while the other one gets up to run!

My husband and I both run with the same group of friends - the group got all dolled up to celebrate at our wedding. We had one of our running friends marry us as well! We also had a couple members of the group in our wedding party.

My husband and I both run with the same group of friends – the group got all dolled up to celebrate at our wedding. We had one of our running friends marry us as well! We also had a couple members of the group in our wedding party. Thank you Kym with F8 Studio for the pic

When I first joined the group, we all ran a half marathon together and pushed one member to a PR!

When I first joined the group, we all ran a half marathon together and pushed one member to a PR!

Benefits of Group Running
1. Social! – we will normally sit and have coffee for 10-15 minutes after a run and have random happy hours!
2. Have people to push you — I ran my fastest marathon when I was regularly training with a couple women in my group — it helps when you aren’t feeling that great to have that person to push you to run faster (shout out Pam and Amanda)
3. Accountability — Knowing that people are counting on you to show up in the morning makes you less likely to sleep through your alarm.
4. Fun marathon trips!
5. Make new friends with people you may not meet otherwise

My mom is one of my favorite running partners, we trained for my first marathon together.

My mom is one of my favorite running partners, we trained for my first marathon together.

I definitely do enjoy solo runs every once in awhile, I find that it is a lot easier to run easy when I am alone and don’t get pulled along at a faster pace and don’t get the recovery benefits I’m looking for. It is also fun sometimes to have that alone time just to listen to music or listen to a podcast or an audiobook.

We all like to travel to run marathons together - this was before the start of CIM in Sacramento.

We all like to travel to run marathons together – this was before the start of CIM in Sacramento.

Do you prefer to run alone or in a group?
How far are you running this weekend?
Who have you met through running?


Beer Dinner and Links!

Memorial Day weekend was great here in Dallas! My husband and I had a great weekend of pretty much doing nothing. We did go and see “Neighbors” which was HILARIOUS. We did not stop laughing the entire time.

Last night, Jim and I attended a Beer Dinner at a bar/restaurant in Dallas — The Libertine. A beer dinner consists of numerous courses paired with different types of beer. Luckily for Jim, this was a beer and whiskey dinner! There were a total of 5 courses served, each course paired with a different beer and/or whiskey. Unfortunately, I’m new to blogging and totally forgot to take a picture of most of the courses. I would HIGHLY recommend this type of dinner to anyone that loves beer and food. The Libertine also has a brewery come in and talk about their beer and why it was paired with each course. The featured brand of beer at this dinner was Wasatch from Utah — I was really surprised how much I enjoyed the IPA.

Jim and I at the Beer Dinner at the Libertine - good food and drinks!

Jim and I at the Beer Dinner at the Libertine – good food and drinks!

Our dinner consisted of five courses, the first course was two meats paired with two whiskeys, the second course was a lemon soup paired with a lemon infused IPA (this was probably my favorite course and favorite pairing of the evening), the third course was an oyster and a clam paired with a black ale and probably the most exciting thing of the evening to nearly everyone in the restaurant — the whiskey with this gigantic ice cube.
Look how giant and perfect this ice cube is! Apparently this is a huge deal to whiskey drinkers!

Look how giant and perfect this ice cube is! Apparently this is a huge deal to whiskey drinkers!

Jim is so pumped about this whiskey and ice cube :-)

Jim is so pumped about this whiskey and ice cube ūüôā

Finally, the fourth course was this GIANT lamb shank paired with a Russian Imperial Stout and the fifth course was french toast and a croissant paired with a bourbon/whiskey blend. Both those courses were also delicious, unfortunately I ate my dessert before I thought about taking a picture — oops. Our only complained about the fourth course was that it definitely needed some sort of carb with it!
Giant lamb shank! The sauce paired really well with the beer.

Giant lamb shank! The sauce paired really well with the beer.

Finally — here are some links I’ve loved lately!

1. I love the way Robyn writes about food and eating — this is a great blog post regarding calorie counting and hunger.
2. All of the teammates Ragnar Cape Cod Recaps — check them out! Everyone has a unique perspective/view of the weekend. It was especially fun for me to read Van 1 recaps since I wasn’t there!
Ali KellyDriver ShaunMelissaDanielleJessCarolynCaptain Stacey
3. Combining Strength Training with Running
4. History of the Marathon
5. A great blog post by one of my Cross Fit coaches about the myth of “Cross Fit being Dangerous.”

Have you read any great articles lately you want to share?
Have you ever been to a beer dinner before?
Is this giant perfect ice cube exciting to you — are you a whiskey drinker?

Week 1 Portland Marathon Training – Base Building

I’m starting my Portland Marathon Training a little earlier than I normally would. I am taking about a month/month and a half to build up my base mileage with no speed besides strides (and maybe some hill sprints). I am hoping that once I get my base mileage, I can safely add in speed without injury. Also, I am attempting to marathon train while still continuing Crossfit – this will probably calls for a separate blog post but if anyone has some advice with this, I would definitely be interested to hear what you have to say about doing both at the same time! I also want to give myself some extra time in case I get sick or injured — last summer I got sick a few times so it will be nice to have a couple extra weeks in the books if needed.

Monday 5/19 — AM — 6 miles at a moderate pace, legs were in a bit of a shock to 1. be awake so early and 2. be running. The previous week I took the week off completely from working out for more of a mental break than anything else. I also figured that a week of rest could do me some good. My legs felt okay, they were pretty tired by the end of the run but I am hoping after a week of being back into a “normal groove” they will feel better. PM — Cryo Therapy followed by Crossfit.¬†At crossfit we did some bench press, pull-up holds and the WOD (workout of the day) consisted of kettle bells, 400m sprints & modified v-ups for me! I was pretty sore by the end of the day, I did a longer bike ride (for me) on Sunday and even with Cryo, my hamstrings were definitely still feeling it.
Tuesday 5/20 — Morning hill run! This was my first hill run in who knows how long, my hamstrings were still pretty sore/tight, so I ran this at a pretty easy pace but it still felt pretty hard. Hills are definitely something that I feel like helps and I am looking forward to seeing my average pace on this run drop dramatically throughout the summer. PM — Cryo Therapy — much colder than when I went on Monday — could definitely feel a difference in my level of soreness after I left — my hamstrings were much looser!

A little post run stretching/cooling off after all the hills!

A little post run stretching/cooling off after all the hills!

Wednesday 5/21 — 10-15 minutes of stretching and foam rolling in the morning. Stretching and foam rolling is definitely something I want to get better at doing on a regular basis. It is normally something I don’t start doing until I am hurting — I would really like to have an injury free training season. Last year I battled sickness/shin splints/IT band pain all summer which resulted in a not so stellar marathon that fall.
Thursday 5/22 — AM — 6 mile run, we actually picked it up quite a bit the last 2 miles, fun run with a pretty big group! Did some strides afterwards.
Friday 5/23 — Day off but did some walking with the dog and went to Cryo.
Saturday 5/24 — AM — 9 mile run — very ROUGH, felt horrible the whole time, considerably slowed down the last 3 miles. Crossfit workout, cleans, double unders, kettle bell swings, ab mat sit-ups.
Reward for the first week of training at the first Top Pot Doughnuts outside of Seattle!

Reward for the first week of training at the first Top Pot Doughnuts outside of Seattle!

Sunday 5/25 — 4 miles easy, went kind of later in the day so it was pretty toasty, surprised myself by feeling a lot better than I did yesterday. I did 4 strides afterwards and did 30 minutes of stretching and foam rolling afterwards. My IT band was pretty tight today and felt a lot better after some QT with the foam rolling.

Total Mileage: 31
3 Crossfit Classes

How many weeks do you typically train for a goal race?
What fall race are you planning on doing this year?
What is your favorite doughnut? My absolute favorite is glazed old fashioned!

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Throwback Thursday – Berlin Marathon 2011

I thought a fun segment (for me personally) would be a “blast to the past” every couple of weeks of a fun event/memory of the past, or a race report/review from different races I have done. I think this will be a fun way for me to “keep track” of these memories and hopefully tell everyone a little bit more about me!¬†

I took my first out of the country trip back in 2011 РJim (my boyfriend at the time, now husband!) had always dreamed of going to Oktoberfest. Once we started dating we talked about running the Berlin Marathon and following it up with a trip to Munich to attend Oktoberfest. Well the fall of 2011 this became a reality and we were joined by our friends John & Robin for both the marathon and Oktoberfest and another couple, James & Robyn, would pick us up from the airport in Munich to attend Oktoberfest! 

Jim and I arrived in Berlin a day and a half before the marathon, once we arrived, we immediately headed to the expo to get our bibs and check out what an International Marathon expo looked like. It was pretty much the same as any expo we would attend in American except there was a Beer Garden that we happily sat at and enjoyed a beer before heading back to our hotel for the evening.

Enjoying a beer at the Berlin Marathon Expo

Enjoying a beer at the Berlin Marathon Expo

The next morning, the marathon had a pre-race event called “The Pancake Run” it was a 4-5 mile run through Berlin that ended at the Berlin Olympic Stadium — we actually finished the run on the track inside the stadium which was really cool. After the run there was a bunch of food but no pancakes to be found! This isn’t something I would normally participate in the day before the marathon but we figured it was a unique opportunity to see the city and shake our legs out from traveling.¬†
Selfie! Running through Berlin the day before the marathon.

Selfie! Running through Berlin the day before the marathon.

Finishing up the Pancake Run on the Berlin Olympic Stadium Track

Finishing up the Pancake Run on the Berlin Olympic Stadium Track

The next morning was the marathon — we woke up a little nervous but generally relaxed. Since we hadn’t exactly adjusted to the time zone, we didn’t have a big time goal for the marathon — our major goal was to finish and have a fun experience running! The marathon was actually on my 27th birthday and I figured there was no better way to celebrate than to run 26.2 miles in a new country. Jim and I ran the entire marathon together and observed some things that were a little different from the typical marathon in America! First, the electrolyte drink featured at this event was Powerade Tea which was interesting — I decided not to have any since it wasn’t something my stomach was used to but Jim had some and said it tasted exactly like tea and it also wasn’t cold. Second, they gave out sponges in the participant bags which we thought was odd but we noticed along the course they had big tubs of water for you to dip your sponge in to cool yourself along the course. A good thought, but somewhat disturbing when you realized that everyone was pulling their sponges out of the sweatbands of their shorts and dipping them into these community tubs! Third, the marathon was marked by kilometers instead of miles which made it seem longer to me — I am sure this is because I’m used to mile markers but this didn’t help me out mentally at all. Finally, I noticed that there¬†seemed to be a lot more men than women running in this marathon compared to other marathons I have participated in in the US.¬†
Running the marathon with my crazy hair!

Running the marathon with my crazy hair!

Overall the marathon was really tough for the both of us, the sun was out the entire time and both of us got pretty warm. I also don’t think we were properly hydrated or adjusted to the time which didn’t help either. We did a horrible job of running the tangents and almost ran 27 miles which was .8 miles too far for me! Needless to say, I was pretty cranky when we finished and the finish was extremely backed up. It took us what seemed like FOREVER to get through the finishing shoot and get water, our medals and the mylar blankets.
Finally done! Berlin Marathon Finishers!

Finally done! Berlin Marathon Finishers!

Shortly after we finished, we ran into our friends John and Robin! It was a great surprise and we were able to get a couple finisher photos with them. Once we were reunited and had snapped some photos, we headed over to the beer tent where we quickly realized they were handing out ALCOHOL FREE BEER. I was extremely annoyed as it was my birthday and I had just finished a marathon and they were going to give me alcohol free beer?! Unfortunately for me, this was true as an alcohol free beer company had sponsored the race. Luckily, they had beer for purchase and Jim had remembered to bring some money with him, so the four of us were able to enjoy a beer before heading back to our hotel.
All Four of us Finished!

All Four of us Finished!

We later showered, napped and then went out for more German Beer and some DELICIOUS German food — best post marathon meal ever and the night was capped off with a champagne toast with my good friend Robin!¬†
Celebration Dinner!

Celebration Dinner!

My first international marathon experience was definitely a tough one but I would highly recommend it to anyone traveling – it is a unique way to see 26.2 miles of a city and be part of such a big event for the City and the culture! I would definitely recommend the Berlin Marathon as long as you don’t mind big crowds! The course definitely was flat and it was a cool way to explore Berlin.
I’ll post a follow up to this at a later date as the rest of the trip included our Engagement and Oktoberfest!

Cryo Therapy

My husband and I are always looking for a new way to recover from tough runs as well as a way avoid injury. A couple years ago I was invited to test out this new technology and felt absolutely AMAZING afterwards and a couple days later ran a BQ (Boston Qualifier) in Houston, at the Houston Marathon. While I don’t think the Cryo Therapy is the reason I ran the BQ, I definitely think it didn’t hurt. For this next training season, we got a membership at a Cryo Therapy Studio in Dallas.

What is Cryo Therapy?
Whole Body Cryotherapy is the exposure of a person’s skin to temperatures of -150 to -170 degrees Celsius (-238 to -274 degrees Fahrenheit) for a short time (3 minutes or less). At this extreme temperature, the body activates several mechanisms that have significant long-term medical and cosmetic benefits. (per The Phit Studio)

Some Benefits of Cryo Therapy
1. Accelerates the body’s ability to restore and recover
2. Anti-Aging and Skin Rejuvination
3. Decreased muscle soreness
4. Provides anti-inflammatory and pain relieving benefits
5. Burns up to 600 calories a session
6. Strengthens the immune system
7. Improves energy levels
8. Increases collagen production
9. Increases flexibility
10. Improves lymphatic circulation

What to Expect at a Cryo Therapy Session
Cryo Smile
When you arrive at a Cryo Therapy session, you can expect it to be pretty short! You are only in the “tube” for 2.5-3 minutes. Once you arrive, you will remove most of your clothing (guys wear shorts/boxers), and put socks or slippers on (I also wear gloves but you can rest your hands outside of the tube), then you step inside of the tube and close the door. Once inside the tube, the person giving you the Cryo Therapy, will raise you so your head is above the tube. You then will be exposed to the cold cold air for 2.5 to 3 minutes. Afterwards you just get dressed and you are on your way out! A very short and simple way to recover (or do pre-workout). It is pretty amazing how refreshed you feel afterwards and it really isn’t bad! In my opinion, the last minute that is the worst and you can do ANYTHING for a minute.

It really only hurts for a minute and then you are done!

It really only hurts for a minute and then you are done!

I am really excited to see what kind of difference Cryo Therapy will make in my training this summer. I’m hoping it will help me recover from the sweltering Texas heat a little faster as well as long runs and speed workouts. I notice that I tend to recover a little slower over the summer. If you are in Dallas, you should definitely checkout The Phit Studio I can’t say enough good things about this hidden gem of a studio to get Cryo Therapy at! According to the website you can try it for your first time for $20 (this is an extremely good deal!). I definitely used this last week to recover from Ragnar Cape Cod.

What do you do for recovery?
Have you ever tried Cryo Therapy? What did you think?

Ragnar Cape Cod

A few months ago I saw on twitter that #FlockYouLikeaHurricane¬†needed a new teammate¬†and I¬†pretty much jumped at this opportunity to get to know some of my Oiselle teammates! After checking with my husband – I eagerly signed up and was strangely excited about going to run with 11 strangers. May came pretty quickly and all of a sudden it was time for me to head to Boston and make the trek over to Cape Cod. Unfortunately, Dallas weather didn’t want to make this journey easy on me and I was stranded in the airport for 5 hours before my flight finally took off. I didn’t land in Boston until 7:30 and was able to take the bus where my teammates greeted me eagerly with hugs and introductions and — once we arrived at our fabulous host’s house, a large glass of wine (THANK YOU STACEY – for your help with transportation, shelter and wine). We all stayed up chatting until midnight or so until we finally went to bed. When we woke up on Friday morning it was RACE DAY, van 1 would start at 10:00 am and with Stacey’s¬†calculations, we figured Van 2¬†would start at 2:30pm. Now, before I continue on with my race report I will answer, “what is a Ragnar Relay?”

Ragnar Relay

192 miles, 12 runners, 2 drivers and 2 vans. The 12 runners are split into groups of 6 (we were lucky enough to have a driver for each van) and put into a van. Each runner runs 3 legs total. Van 1 starts the relay and then passes the “baton” off to Van 2, while Van 2 is completing their legs, Van 1 can take this time to eat, get some rest, and make their way over to the next large exchange zone. They do this until the 192 miles are completed – it took team #FlockYouLikeaHurricane just under 30 hours to complete this task.¬†

Team Flock You Like a Hurricane Team Members:

Van 1:¬†Ali¬†— AnneRebecca¬†Kelly — Amy — Melissa¬†— Driver: Shaun

Van 2: Me — Danielle Jess Carolyn — Deb — Jessie — Driver/Captain: Stacey


Van 2 at the Start
It was cold & windy when Van 2 headed to the hand-off zone to get our safety brief and start running (still beautiful), I started to get a little nervous as I would be the first runner to take off and I had no idea what to expect – I didn’t know how many times (or if at all) I would see my teammates and the course I was about to run was listed as very hard. With a smile on my face, I took the baton from Melissa and started on my 9.8 mile journey. Having run one relay previously, I knew it was really important for me to not go out too fast in order to preserve my legs for the next 2 legs. I didn’t look at my watch at all and told myself to push it and run at a medium/hard effort – I was able to do this and get up and down all the hills the course offered me by being presently surprised at how many times I saw my AWESOME TEAMMATES! My team ROCKED at cheering, I saw them so many times and this just made it SO much more fun. I finished my leg and passed off to Danielle realizing how amazing my team was going to make this journey.¬†


Taking the handoff
Once my teammates ROCKED their legs, we were able to go back to Stacey’s house to eat some dinner and take a little nap. Stacey had estimated that we would start running again at 1:30am. I was able to sleep for about an hour before I woke up a little nervous for my night leg (5.3 miles) — while I’m used to running in the dark, I was nervous about running off course and finishing the leg. We arrived at the hand-off point and I got the baton from Melissa and took off into the night. I ended up feeling really good on this leg and had my fastest splits – it was so fun running in the dark and Stacey had told me different landmarks I would be running by that were so beautiful to see even in the dark and of course, my #flockstar team stopped and whisper-cheered me on a couple times throughout my run. Ragnar has “quiet hours” from 6:30pm – 6:00am but Van 2 perfected the art of the “whisper cheer” and made me smile so much while running! I handed the baton off to Danielle and she took off into the night. I think our entire van was surprised at how much we enjoyed our night runs, we finished just before the sun came out and drove over to the local high school to try and get some rest. I think I got a total of maybe another hour of sleep and finally just got up and went to the van and tried to drink as much water and nuun that I could and ate a banana and hoped that despite my stomach cramps I’d survive my last leg.
Team Photo
After taking a team photo, I started running my last leg of 6.3 miles and was mainly worried about finishing. Once I started running, I felt pretty decent and my teammate, Jessie, had provided me with a perfect description of the terrain I would be running on – the first part was mainly slightly downhill with a couple rolling hills with my last 2 miles having some pretty large hills, especially my last half mile. Again my awesome team cheered me on and I was able to finish and was SO happy when I was done. I finished right as the course rolled along the beach (so pretty) and told my teammates the last leg really wasn’t that bad!
My teammates absolutely ROCKED their last legs! I was so proud of Jess for kicking butt — her last leg was her longest of the race and she ran so tough and blew by so many runners. Our fearless anchor, Jessie, tackled over 9 miles for her last leg and our entire team crossed the finish line with her. What an amazing moment. I couldn’t believe we had finished the 192 miles – it was just such an amazing experience meeting all of these women for the first time and instantly becoming friends. The only negative part of this weekend was not getting to spend time with van 1 – it would have been fun to spend more time with those ladies (and man). We finished 7/37 teams in the all women division.
After finishing, half of us were able to stay and devour some of the free food and enjoy some of the free beer. Afterwards, we hopped back into the van and made a beach stop on the way back to Stacey’s house. SO. BEAUTIFUL.
Ragnar Beach
I couldn’t have asked for a better group of women to experience this with. It really was the BEST WEEKEND. I can’t wait to be reunited with all of you again. I really can’t describe how amazing this weekend was.
Also, thank you to all of our sponsors for the weekend:
OisellePro CompressionShower PillEnergy BitsPocket FuelMission Athletecare
Have you ever run a Ragnar Relay or any other type of relay?
Any tips on how to deal with a “ragnover?”


I have been thinking about starting a blog for years, I love reading blogs about numerous topics and have finally been inspired to start my own! My blog topics will range from race recaps, to restaurant reviews, to my training, to any topic I feel like writing about. I’m sure the longer I write, the more this blog will continue to evolve! My name is Lindsay and I live in Dallas, TX with my husband and my pup! I am a member of the Oiselle Team and absolutely love everything the brand stands for as well as all of the clothing. I love running, wine, pizza, coffee, bike riding, books, cooking (sometimes), the Seattle Mariners, the Dallas Cowboys and spending time with my friends and family. Please enjoy reading! Image

Any blogging advice for this newbie?!


Happy Reading, Linds