Week 1 Portland Marathon Training – Base Building

I’m starting my Portland Marathon Training a little earlier than I normally would. I am taking about a month/month and a half to build up my base mileage with no speed besides strides (and maybe some hill sprints). I am hoping that once I get my base mileage, I can safely add in speed without injury. Also, I am attempting to marathon train while still continuing Crossfit – this will probably calls for a separate blog post but if anyone has some advice with this, I would definitely be interested to hear what you have to say about doing both at the same time! I also want to give myself some extra time in case I get sick or injured — last summer I got sick a few times so it will be nice to have a couple extra weeks in the books if needed.

Monday 5/19 — AM — 6 miles at a moderate pace, legs were in a bit of a shock to 1. be awake so early and 2. be running. The previous week I took the week off completely from working out for more of a mental break than anything else. I also figured that a week of rest could do me some good. My legs felt okay, they were pretty tired by the end of the run but I am hoping after a week of being back into a “normal groove” they will feel better. PM — Cryo Therapy followed by Crossfit. At crossfit we did some bench press, pull-up holds and the WOD (workout of the day) consisted of kettle bells, 400m sprints & modified v-ups for me! I was pretty sore by the end of the day, I did a longer bike ride (for me) on Sunday and even with Cryo, my hamstrings were definitely still feeling it.
Tuesday 5/20 — Morning hill run! This was my first hill run in who knows how long, my hamstrings were still pretty sore/tight, so I ran this at a pretty easy pace but it still felt pretty hard. Hills are definitely something that I feel like helps and I am looking forward to seeing my average pace on this run drop dramatically throughout the summer. PM — Cryo Therapy — much colder than when I went on Monday — could definitely feel a difference in my level of soreness after I left — my hamstrings were much looser!

A little post run stretching/cooling off after all the hills!

A little post run stretching/cooling off after all the hills!

Wednesday 5/21 — 10-15 minutes of stretching and foam rolling in the morning. Stretching and foam rolling is definitely something I want to get better at doing on a regular basis. It is normally something I don’t start doing until I am hurting — I would really like to have an injury free training season. Last year I battled sickness/shin splints/IT band pain all summer which resulted in a not so stellar marathon that fall.
Thursday 5/22 — AM — 6 mile run, we actually picked it up quite a bit the last 2 miles, fun run with a pretty big group! Did some strides afterwards.
Friday 5/23 — Day off but did some walking with the dog and went to Cryo.
Saturday 5/24 — AM — 9 mile run — very ROUGH, felt horrible the whole time, considerably slowed down the last 3 miles. Crossfit workout, cleans, double unders, kettle bell swings, ab mat sit-ups.
Reward for the first week of training at the first Top Pot Doughnuts outside of Seattle!

Reward for the first week of training at the first Top Pot Doughnuts outside of Seattle!

Sunday 5/25 — 4 miles easy, went kind of later in the day so it was pretty toasty, surprised myself by feeling a lot better than I did yesterday. I did 4 strides afterwards and did 30 minutes of stretching and foam rolling afterwards. My IT band was pretty tight today and felt a lot better after some QT with the foam rolling.

Total Mileage: 31
3 Crossfit Classes

How many weeks do you typically train for a goal race?
What fall race are you planning on doing this year?
What is your favorite doughnut? My absolute favorite is glazed old fashioned!

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7 thoughts on “Week 1 Portland Marathon Training – Base Building

  1. I’m also trying to be more proactive with stretching & foam rolling, something I continually forget to do until I get injured. Nice work this week!

  2. Sounds smart to focus on building your base before adding in the speedy workouts! Looking forward to seeing how the summer goes for you leading up to Portland 🙂

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