Portland Marathon Training – Week 3

Week 3 was the first week of the typical really humid weather we have over the summer in Dallas. I am trying to have a good attitude about it (remind me of this in August please). Here is what Week 3 looked like.

Monday 6/2 — 6 easy miles — it was extremely soupy this morning! My calves were also ridiculously tight which was surprising with all the stretching/rolling I have been doing lately. Luckily, this was another easy run to help my legs recover. This is going to be my highest mileage week yet before dropping down in mileage — hoping I can tough it out without my shins/IT band acting up. Followed this up with Cross Fit workout – it was arm heavy which was a nice break for my legs. However, I may have trouble doing anything requiring my arms tomorrow. I also babied my calves and shins by rubbing them out with the stick and applying some Jack Black Dragon Ice before going to bed

Tuesday 6/3 — Hills Hills Hills. Did 6 miles of hills, they definitely were not fast by any means. This was also one of our first pretty hot mornings, my legs are pretty tired after not having a rest day in a week but I am just hoping my legs get used to all the miles again pretty quickly. I followed this up with a Cryo session before a Cross Fit workout that night. We did squats and a WOD of running (rowing for me), Toes to Bar and Double-Unders. I pretty much despised everything in this workout besides the strength portion. I could not string any double-unders together to save my life during this workout. I definitely got home and didn’t move the rest of the evening.

So Hot! Better get used to it though, this is just the beginning!

So Hot! Better get used to it though, this is just the beginning!

Wednesday 6/4 — Happy National Running Day! As tempted as I was to sleep in, I got up and got in a run with the local running store in Dallas, Luke’s Locker. I cut the route a little short as my legs were EXHAUSTED and got in 5.5 miles. I went to Cryo in the evening and then proceeded to do a whole lot of nothing.

New Adidas Running Shoes - I feel like I'm running on clouds!

New Adidas Running Shoes – I feel like I’m running on clouds!

Thursday 6/5 — 6 easy miles followed by strides! Was going to cut it short to 5 but got in all 6! I think this run is just what my body needed, my legs felt like they had a little pep in them after I was done. It was also my first run in my Adidas Glides! I seriously felt like I was running on a cloud.

Friday 6/6 — DAY OFF RUNNING – REST DAY – Much needed, my tired legs needed a day off. Spent the morning “celebrating” national doughnut day with my Husband with some doughnuts (of course) and coffee (of course)

Happy National Doughnut Day!

Happy National Doughnut Day!

Oiselle Running Outfit for my Saturday long run! First run in my hail mary top!

Oiselle Running Outfit for my Saturday long run! First run in my hail mary top!

Saturday 6/7 — Long Run Saturday! 14 miles – really hot/humid! This was my longest run in 3-4 months, I definitely was feeling that the last 2 miles. Overall my legs felt pretty decent after my first few miles, I can’t believe that soon 14 miles will be a “short” long run. Followed this up with a modified CrossFit WOD (no running for me!) and a Cryo Party with some of my running friends!

Cryo Party!

Cryo Party!

Sunday 6/8 — Easy recovery 4 miler w/strides afterwards. I was really not in the mood to do this run but it ended up being relaxing and my legs felt so much better afterwards!

Total Mileage: 41.5
3 CrossFit Classes

Any tips on how to master double unders?
Do you lay out your running outfit the night before?
Did you celebrate National Doughnut Day properly with a doughnut??


7 thoughts on “Portland Marathon Training – Week 3

  1. I was having this same thought process about the 14 miler… that it felt long, and by the end my legs were kinda “hey. this is longish… why we still running?” and knowing that soon enough, it’s going to be much more.

  2. I had the same thought when I did my 14 miler over the weekend, too – it’s hard to believe this is just the beginning of long runs this summer! Also, love the Hail Mary Tank – it’s the perfect lightweight piece to wear for long miles!

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