Collin Classic 2014

Happy Father’s Day to all the Dad’s out there — in particular, my dad! Love you dad!

On Saturday, my mom, husband and I participated in the Collin Classic. The Collin Classic is a bike rally held in McKinney, TX (just north of Dallas) and they have four different distances that you can participate in – 22 miles, 35 miles, 48 miles and 64 miles. Originally my mom and I were going to participate in the 35 mile ride but we both hadn’t been riding at all and since this was supposed to be “for fun,” we decided to do the 22 miles ride. The routes ended up being 4 miles longer due to road construction, so my mom and I ended up doing just over 26 miles.

What is a bike rally?
A bike rally is an open course ride. It is NOT a race. Key intersections and corners have corner marshals stationed to help you stay on course.

Bikes and bikes and more bikes

Bikes and bikes and more bikes

The Collin Classic supports the charity City House. City House’s vision of success is that every child, youth and young adult develops the skills and confidence he or she needs to succeed in life, especially while coping with difficult relationships and circumstances.

I personally love this bike rally (it is the only one I have done) because I think it is such a fun way to get in a nice bike ride without having to really worry about traffic. The only thing you need to be cautious about is the other bikers on the road! Also – my favorite part of the bike rally are the aid stations! You get to stop and have refreshments along the ride! I can definitely see how this would also be a great thing to participate in if you are training for a triathlon – it is a good way to get in a ride with some company.

They Collin Classic is a great event, it is really organized and all the volunteers were so friendly! There were about 2500 riders out there, people of all ages and ability levels! They also have a kids clinic to teach bike safety. My only complaint would be that there weren’t enough bathrooms at the start line.

Stopping and having some watermelon along the course!

Stopping and having some watermelon along the course!

All the variety of snacks available!

All the variety of snacks available!

Mom and I started wayyyy back in the pack. We started off pretty slow and slowly passed people along the route. We had a lot of fun, we just chatted and it was nice that mom held back and rode with me ;-). Jim decided he needed more of a “workout” and did the 34 mile route and ended up getting in 38 miles for the day!

Jim and I before he left us to go ride further :-) He smoked it!

Jim and I before he left us to go ride further 🙂 He smoked it!

Riding is definitely something I enjoy doing, I just have a hard time fitting it in with running and crossfit. I love my bike and it is definitely something I hope to do more of in the future. I am hoping I can start fitting in some bike rides on my Sundays to help me recover from my Saturday long runs.

We finished!

We finished!

Have you ever rode in a bike rally before?
What kind of snacks are your favorite?
The watermelon we had was so delicious and refreshing!


3 thoughts on “Collin Classic 2014

  1. This is the first I’ve heard of a bike rally and it sounds like a lot of fun! So nice you were able to spend time with your mom and enjoy some treats along the way 🙂

  2. I feel the same with my bike. I love it, but finding the time to get out and ride with all the mileage is hard. I haven’t really figured out how to balance it yet, but I always hear that run fitness doesn’t translate to bike fitness, but that bike fitness DOES help your running. It’s just so hard to find the time!! And it takes a lot of time to get in a ride of any distance it feels like.

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