Portland Marathon Training – Week 4 & 5

It has been a week since I last posted, this was not intentional but life got in the way! Below are my training recaps for both week 4 and week 5 of training. Week 4 was one of those weeks where life/not sleeping got in the way and I was forced to listen to my body and back off a little bit. Thankfully it was a down week and week 5 went really well!

Week 4

Monday 6/9  – I was planning on waking up and going to CrossFit but it just didn’t happen. This was night 2 of sleeping horribly and I opted to stay in bed for an extra couple of hours and snuggle with the pup. 

How could I resist this face?!

How could I resist this face?!

Tuesday 6/10 – Hills Hills Hills in the morning! It was actually 10 degrees (or more) cooler than the week before and it felt so nice! We were actually a little chilly when we finished (note – it was 67 degrees, Texans are crazy). PM – Cryo and CrossFit — I am now asking for alternatives to running in the WODs as I’d rather gain strength when I’m there. I’m doing enough cardio outside of CrossFit.

Wednesday 6/11 – Planned on running but my shins were bothering me when I woke up. I dealt with shin splints ALL last summer/fall and would really like to not repeat that this year. Did some light stretching.

Thursday 6/12 — Crossfit, opted to take another rest day from running to let the shins continue to heal.

Friday 6/13 — Fail. Planned on getting up to run, ended up sleeping through my alarm.

Saturday 6/14Collin Classic Bike Rally with my mom and husband! Rode just over 26 miles which was pretty far after not really riding at all the past few weeks!

Finished with the Collin Classic Bike Rally. Mom and I rode just over 26 miles, Jim rode 38.

Finished with the Collin Classic Bike Rally. Mom and I rode just over 26 miles, Jim rode 38.

Sunday 6/15 — Happy Father’s Day! This was a planned rest day, decided to take it since I knew week 5 would be high in mileage (for me).

Running – 6 miles
Biking — 26 miles
CrossFit — 2 Classes

Fun rest day out with the in-laws celebrating Father's Day

Fun rest day out with the in-laws celebrating Father’s Day

Week 5

Monday 6/16 — 7 easy miles with Jim in the morning. Crossfit in the afternoon.

Tuesday 6/17 — 6 miles of hills — still haven’t felt strong on this route, felt better as I kept going but my calves were really tight on this run which makes it hard to push up the hills. Hoping eventually I can run this route sub 8 pace, but that just isn’t happening yet. Crossfit in the evening along with a cryo freeze.

Wednesday 6/18 — It was a struggle to get this run in but I did it. Managed to get in 6 miles though. I got a much needed sports massage that evening and my calves/shins have been feeling so much better since! My 9:15 pace felt like a sprint.

Thursday 6/19 — 8 miles at at around an 8:30 pace — hoping this run will continue to get faster — again, still adjusting to the heat.

Friday 6/20 — much needed rest day!

Saturday 6/21 — Long Run Saturday! This was my first long run of the year where it was 80 degrees and extremely humid. Tough run but managed to get all 15 miles in around a 8:30 pace. Was hoping to go to CrossFit but was way to worn out after this run to make it happen.

Sunday 6/22 — Recovery run in the rain! 4 miles total around a 9:15 average. I like to keep my recovery miles over a 9 min pace as I feel like it actually does help my legs recover and doesn’t continue to beat them up. It was a really refreshing run and an nice relief from the heat (if you consider 74 and raining not hot ha).

Completely drenched after a recovery 4 mile! So happy I had my Oiselle baseball cap on to keep the rain out of my eyes!

Completely drenched after a recovery 4 mile! So happy I had my Oiselle baseball cap on to keep the rain out of my eyes!

Mileage — 46 miles
2 Crossfit Workouts

Next week will be another week of high (for me) mileage and I start adding in speed after this week!

If you made it to the end of this post —

Do you ever have any of “those weeks” where running just doesn’t happen?
How many rest days do you take a week?
Do you like running in the rain?!


6 thoughts on “Portland Marathon Training – Week 4 & 5

  1. Nice work, Lindsay! I like that you didn’t beat yourself up over one week that didn’t quite work out, especially since you felt the onset of shin splints. I often read about runners who get unnecessarily down with a setback (and sometimes I act in that way as well), but it doesn’t matter in the bigger picture of a season of solid training.

    I think I’m overly liberal about taking my rest days. Last season, I was doing two track workouts a week, so I didn’t hesitate to take 3 days off some weeks just to make sure my legs were fresh or recovered enough. This season I’m going to try to reduce the number of rest days, but I’m perhaps too attuned and willing to listen to the glitches in my body. 🙂

    Good luck with the rest of training and I’ll look forward to reading more!

    • Thanks Carolyn! I’m looking forward to adding in some speed next week! I’m dropping back in mileage so I’ll have some more rest once I start doing some of that speedy stuff!

  2. Looks like last week was a great week of training! I like what you said about recovery days – I’m the same – I like them at 9+ minute pace. It feels uncomfortably slow sometimes but in the long run is for the best.

    As for running in the rain – love it! For some reason the miles always seem to go by faster!

  3. Loooooove rain running. I fell behind in my weekly recaps too, oops?! Better get on that. With all the running and whatnot, I haven’t had time to write about running. Glad you bounced back after the down week. I’ve been there!! Although right now it’s a matter of reining me in, cause when my coach gives me my week, I check the total, and then start asking him “but shouldn’t there be more..?!” well, considering there’s 14 weeks to go, maybe I should calm down?! Haha.

    • Running in the rain was so pleasant! I honestly wouldn’t mind if it did that every Sunday! I find its easier to keep up with the weekly recap when I start a draft at the beginning of the week and add daily to that. It just doesn’t always happen…..

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