2015 – What a Year

2015 was definitely one of the most memorable years of my lie due to the birth of my daughter! In the haze of being pregnant and in school and then with the birth of my little one, I completely stopped blogging. I am definitely hoping to start up on this again and can hopefully start blogging once or twice a week consistently (maybe more!). I thought I would follow what I have seen other’s blog about and do a year in review of 2015!

January – Ran the Houston Half Marathon 20 weeks pregnant with my husband! We had so much fun and were on such a high after a race. Running a race with no time pressure and not allowed to really push yourself is a blast!


After the Houston Half Marathon

February – Traveled to San Diego where my in-laws through me a wonderful baby shower! It was fun catching up with family friends and celebrating the fact that Baby KJ was coming! We also had SNOW in Dallas!

March – Ran the last half marathon of my pregnancy – it also happened to be my first trail race! I will need to do a separate blog post on this (and trail running in general) – it was slow but fun and my mom ran the whole way with me. I believe I was 29 weeks pregnant at this race! My husband and I also went to Spring Training in Phoenix, AZ on our last vacation before the baby arrived!


Meeting my favorite baseball player at spring training! Kyle Seager!

April – Ran the last race of my pregnancy – a 5K (under 30 minutes!) with my mom. I also had another baby shower thrown by my best friends and mom and sister!


5K in 26:52 around 31 weeks pregnant!

May – Finished the semester of school with a week to spare before the birth of my little girl! Mackenzie entered the world on May 27! I also was thrown another baby shower a couple weeks before Mackenzie was born. Mackenzie was one lucky little one even before she was born.


Sweet Mackenzie

June – The haze of having a newborn! I don’t really remember anything about this month besides being extremely sleep deprived and taking in what being a new mommy.

July – July looked a lot like June! However, I was able to start working out again which made it a little better. We also had our first holiday as a family of three!


July Fourth with one of our favorite families!

August – Celebrated 3 years of marriage with my husband and started school again! Towards the end of August was when my husband and I started to emerge from the haze of having a newborn and slowly get into a new routine of what our new normal is.

September – Ran my first race (a 10K under an hour woot woot) since having the baby and began the Whole Life Challenge to lose the rest of the baby weight and work on getting back into shape! I will do another post on this challenge as well! This month is when the baby started sleeping – it was pretty life changing when that occurred.


We love family running!

October – Nothing too exciting occurred this month – just continued on with the Whole Life Challenge and participated in another 10K – this time maintaining a pace under 8 minute miles!

November – Went on our first vacation as a family of three – we traveled to Mexico and had the best time!

December – Had our first holiday season with the little one! It was so fun taking the little one to get her first Christmas Tree, visit Santa and help her open presents. I know Christmas will only continue to get more fun as she gets older.


I am definitely looking forward to what 2016 will bring!

What were your favorite parts of 2015?


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