19 Weeks Wrap Up!

Greetings from the air! I am currently on my way back to Dallas after spending the weekend in Charlotte with my husband visiting one of my high school BFFs and her husband. It was a wonderful weekend that just makes your heart feel full. Reconnecting with an old friend right where you left off is the sign of a true friendship in my opinion. We had a great time eating our way through Charlotte and watching playoff football. So bummed about the Cowboys losing.

Spending time with one of my best friends!

Spending time with one of my best friends!

During this pregnancy I am hoping to maintain my fitness and complete a couple half marathons. I figured I can keep my blog updated with what I have been doing in case anyone is interested in “pregnant running/fitness.” I am currently 19 weeks pregnant (will be halfway this week – CRAZY!) and have been feeling pretty good the past few weeks! The first trimester definitely was a bit rough with just having no energy and a little nausea but overall I am a lucky woman and didn’t deal with too many issues. I was able to continue to run and crossfit. I think its so fun “running with my baby.”

My fitness goals are:
* Complete the Houston Half Marathon on Sunday!
* Complete my first trail half marathon at 29 weeks pregnant — if for some reason my body doesn’t allow this, that will be fine but I am excited to train and attempt to complete this even if it means some walking. My mom and I are both planning on doing this — Grasslands Half Marathon.
* Continue to run 3-4 times a week and go to Crossfit 3 times a week.

19 Weeks Workouts:

Monday — CrossFit and ran a mile afterwards
Tuesday — 6 miles of hills! This run was a little rough but with a little walking I made it through!
Wednesday — CrossFit in the morning and then a WINDY 4 mile run with my mom — we were hoping to do trails but since they were muddy that was not an option for us.
Thursday — CrossFit — tons of rowing!
Friday — Almost 5 miles
Saturday — Day Off
Sunday — Elliptical

I was planning on getting in a longer run on Saturday but I ended up sleeping in and not having time for it. At this point I am just going to enjoy sleeping in while I can — my husband and I definitely know those days are numbered!

Since I failed to take any workout photos this week - I'll end this with a pic of my pup :-) Thanks Robyn!

Since I failed to take any workout photos this week – I’ll end this with a pic of my pup 🙂 Thanks Robyn!

Are you still friends with anyone from high school?
What was the last weekend trip you took?


Portland Marathon Training Week 6 & 7

I have been extremely busy lately with traveling and getting ready for school to start so haven’t had time to post! I’m hoping to put together a post from our San Francisco and Napa Vacation soon! While I’m working on that, here is an update on my training.

Week 6 — this week was a rough week for me, for some reason I never felt great on any of my runs. I think it likely had to do with lack of sleep/not paying great attention to my nutrition — I don’t think I was eating enough to fuel my body properly. Overall I wasn’t pleased with this week but I did what I could and just have to try and remain consistent with my workouts and know that eventually I’ll start feeling strong again.

Monday 6/23 – 6 miles, CrossFit Workout
Tuesday 6/24 — 6 mile Hill run, it was a rough day for me, I felt awful pretty much the entire run but was able to finish it.
Wednesday 6/25 — 8.5 miles, CrossFit workout
Thursday 6/26 — Didn’t sleep well the night before, ended up taking the day off and running on Sunday instead.
Friday 6/27 — 7 miles
Saturday 6/28 — 12.5 miles — this was a FAIL of a run for some reason I felt so exhausted and barely made it 12 miles — was planning on running 16 but it just wasn’t in the cards for me.
Sunday 6/29 — Easy 4 miles — still felt ridiculously exhausted but made it through this run.

44 miles run
2 CrossFit Workouts

Week 7 — Vacation Week!!

My husband and I went to San Francisco and Napa for a little vacation and it was SO fun and we really had a good time. We actually only missed one run, so I call that a vacation win! This was also a down week/recovery week and with the way I’ve been feeling this week (week 8) it did its job!

Monday 6/30 — After the horrible week before and feeling pretty run down from my weekend runs, I decided to ride my bike instead of running. I rode for an hour and went to CrossFit that evening.
Tuesday 7/1 — 8 miles easy, CrossFit in the evening
Wednesday 7/2 — 6 miles total with intervals — 5 x 3 min hard, 2 min easy. Really pleased with how this workout went — was one of those mornings I really didn’t want to get up, but happy I got up and got it done. I went to CrossFit afterwards so we could catch our flight to San Francisco!
Thursday 7/3 — 50 min on the elliptical. We slept in which was glorious and didn’t have a ton of time so just decided to hit up the hotel gym in the morning instead of trying to navigate a run. No treadmills were available so I figured the elliptical was the next best thing! This day also included a few miles of walking as we walked to the San Francisco Giants game!
Friday 7/4 — 10 miles — we ran over the Golden Gate bridge. It was a gorgeous run, and so chilly! I wore arm warmers and wished I had run in long sleeves! It was sunny when we started and the sun quickly disappeared as we continued running.

Running over the Golden Gate Bridge called for a Selfie!

Running over the Golden Gate Bridge called for a Selfie!

Saturday 7/5 — WINE
Sunday 7/6 — More wine! We did walk a couple miles in the morning though by walking to and from breakfast.

1 hour biking
50 min elliptical
24 miles running
3 CrossFit Classes

Have you ever had a rough week of training where every run was a struggle??
Do you like to train when you are on vacation?

Date Night in Dallas: HG Sply Co and Steel City Pops

First — thank you to everyone for your sweet comments on my previous blog post! It was amazing to see that kind of support for my goal of becoming an RD! I’m definitely ready to get started on it! Today is my last day at work which is crazy! I’ll miss my co-workers but I definitely know I am making the right decision in going back to school. Now, on to the blog post for the day!

My husband and I try to go on date nights every so often. It is a fun way to make sure we have good conversations, have no distractions (tv, work, phones) and just get out and enjoy each other’s company! Lately my favorite place to go for either date night or a girls dinner is HG Sply Co for dinner and walk next door to Steel City Pops for dessert!

Strip on Greenville Ave with HG Sply Co and Steel City Pops

Strip on Greenville Ave with H&G Sply Co and Steel City Pops

HG Sply Co. is a restaurant based on the paleo diet. HG stands for Hunt and Gather, it was created to have simple clean food, classic drinks, and humble hospitality — which it does! Not everything on the menu is paleo but there are plenty of paleo options and everything is pretty much fresh, local and the best part — DELICIOUS.

A list of some of the local ingredients used at HG.

A list of some of the local ingredients used at HG.

We started with the ginger garlic hummus that came with cucumber, red bell pepper, granny smith apples, jicama, cauliflower and bacon chips (yes BACON). It was fabulous — it had a unique flavor to it and tasted extremely fresh with the fruit and veggies. The bacon was definitely a delicious touch. We are also fans of getting the nachos for an appetizer but decided to go a little healthier this time around.
Delicious hummus plate -- check out the bacon!

Delicious hummus plate — check out the bacon!

We both also started with a cocktail — we decided on the Moscow Mule (my personal favorite cocktail right now). They have a ton of different cocktail options and even have some infused liquors that they can make some specialty cocktails with. For you CrossFit lovers out there they even have a couple cocktails named after CrossFit moves like the Double Under!
Cheers! I love how Moscow Mules always come in copper cups.

Cheers! I love how Moscow Mules always come in copper cups.

Besides having great cocktails and appetizers, Monday-Friday at HG Sply Co they have a sunset toast. This is where they give out a free sample of a drink and thank everyone for coming while toasting to the day. When I went for a friend’s birthday they even announced it was her birthday and toasted in her honor! It is a nice touch to a restaurant that is always full.


We both really enjoyed our dinner, I had the Tex Mex Bowl, my husband had the ribs. Both of us were really satisfied without being overly full. Every dish I’ve had has been amazing but the Tex Mex Bowl is definitely my favorite — the egg just adds an extra touch!
Tex Mex Bowl

Tex Mex Bowl

Ribs with Fries

Ribs with Fries

My tips for HG Sply are — MAKE A RESERVATION, it is impossible to get a table inside without one without a long wait. You may be able to get a table at the bar but if you know you want to eat there, make a reservation. They do have the rooftop bar that does serve a limited menu as well if you don’t have a reservation. Cilantro is on almost EVERYTHING. If you don’t like cilantro make sure to request your dish without cilantro as it isn’t listed in the descriptions for most dishes. Have dinner around 6 or 6:30 so you can enjoy the sunset toast during the week. It is a fun little touch and a free drink! After dinner we headed up to the roof to check out the scene – it is a great place to enjoy a drink and they help combat the heat with numerous fans and shaded areas.
Great view of downtown

Great view of downtown

They normally have live music playing on the rooftop

They normally have live music playing on the rooftop

Herb garden growing on the roof

Herb garden growing on the roof

Finally it is time for dessert! We walked next-door to Steel City Pops. The entire shop is popsicles! They have fruit pops and creamy pops — both are equally delicious.
Lots of choices!

Lots of choices!

Both of us went with a fruit based popsicle — I had watermelon, Jim had pineapple jalepeno.
Delicious! Sitting outside on one of the many benches they have outside the shop.

Delicious! Sitting outside on one of the many benches they have outside the shop.

I’ve now had five different flavors at Steel City Pops and they have all been delicious. It is the perfect treat on a hot summer day! I highly recommend trying out the HG Sply Co and Steel City Pop combination — it really is the perfect date!

Do you and your significant other have regular date nights?
Any date night suggestions?
What is your favorite treat on a hot summer day?

Portland Marathon Training – Week 4 & 5

It has been a week since I last posted, this was not intentional but life got in the way! Below are my training recaps for both week 4 and week 5 of training. Week 4 was one of those weeks where life/not sleeping got in the way and I was forced to listen to my body and back off a little bit. Thankfully it was a down week and week 5 went really well!

Week 4

Monday 6/9  – I was planning on waking up and going to CrossFit but it just didn’t happen. This was night 2 of sleeping horribly and I opted to stay in bed for an extra couple of hours and snuggle with the pup. 

How could I resist this face?!

How could I resist this face?!

Tuesday 6/10 – Hills Hills Hills in the morning! It was actually 10 degrees (or more) cooler than the week before and it felt so nice! We were actually a little chilly when we finished (note – it was 67 degrees, Texans are crazy). PM – Cryo and CrossFit — I am now asking for alternatives to running in the WODs as I’d rather gain strength when I’m there. I’m doing enough cardio outside of CrossFit.

Wednesday 6/11 – Planned on running but my shins were bothering me when I woke up. I dealt with shin splints ALL last summer/fall and would really like to not repeat that this year. Did some light stretching.

Thursday 6/12 — Crossfit, opted to take another rest day from running to let the shins continue to heal.

Friday 6/13 — Fail. Planned on getting up to run, ended up sleeping through my alarm.

Saturday 6/14Collin Classic Bike Rally with my mom and husband! Rode just over 26 miles which was pretty far after not really riding at all the past few weeks!

Finished with the Collin Classic Bike Rally. Mom and I rode just over 26 miles, Jim rode 38.

Finished with the Collin Classic Bike Rally. Mom and I rode just over 26 miles, Jim rode 38.

Sunday 6/15 — Happy Father’s Day! This was a planned rest day, decided to take it since I knew week 5 would be high in mileage (for me).

Running – 6 miles
Biking — 26 miles
CrossFit — 2 Classes

Fun rest day out with the in-laws celebrating Father's Day

Fun rest day out with the in-laws celebrating Father’s Day

Week 5

Monday 6/16 — 7 easy miles with Jim in the morning. Crossfit in the afternoon.

Tuesday 6/17 — 6 miles of hills — still haven’t felt strong on this route, felt better as I kept going but my calves were really tight on this run which makes it hard to push up the hills. Hoping eventually I can run this route sub 8 pace, but that just isn’t happening yet. Crossfit in the evening along with a cryo freeze.

Wednesday 6/18 — It was a struggle to get this run in but I did it. Managed to get in 6 miles though. I got a much needed sports massage that evening and my calves/shins have been feeling so much better since! My 9:15 pace felt like a sprint.

Thursday 6/19 — 8 miles at at around an 8:30 pace — hoping this run will continue to get faster — again, still adjusting to the heat.

Friday 6/20 — much needed rest day!

Saturday 6/21 — Long Run Saturday! This was my first long run of the year where it was 80 degrees and extremely humid. Tough run but managed to get all 15 miles in around a 8:30 pace. Was hoping to go to CrossFit but was way to worn out after this run to make it happen.

Sunday 6/22 — Recovery run in the rain! 4 miles total around a 9:15 average. I like to keep my recovery miles over a 9 min pace as I feel like it actually does help my legs recover and doesn’t continue to beat them up. It was a really refreshing run and an nice relief from the heat (if you consider 74 and raining not hot ha).

Completely drenched after a recovery 4 mile! So happy I had my Oiselle baseball cap on to keep the rain out of my eyes!

Completely drenched after a recovery 4 mile! So happy I had my Oiselle baseball cap on to keep the rain out of my eyes!

Mileage — 46 miles
2 Crossfit Workouts

Next week will be another week of high (for me) mileage and I start adding in speed after this week!

If you made it to the end of this post —

Do you ever have any of “those weeks” where running just doesn’t happen?
How many rest days do you take a week?
Do you like running in the rain?!

Portland Marathon Training – Week 3

Week 3 was the first week of the typical really humid weather we have over the summer in Dallas. I am trying to have a good attitude about it (remind me of this in August please). Here is what Week 3 looked like.

Monday 6/2 — 6 easy miles — it was extremely soupy this morning! My calves were also ridiculously tight which was surprising with all the stretching/rolling I have been doing lately. Luckily, this was another easy run to help my legs recover. This is going to be my highest mileage week yet before dropping down in mileage — hoping I can tough it out without my shins/IT band acting up. Followed this up with Cross Fit workout – it was arm heavy which was a nice break for my legs. However, I may have trouble doing anything requiring my arms tomorrow. I also babied my calves and shins by rubbing them out with the stick and applying some Jack Black Dragon Ice before going to bed

Tuesday 6/3 — Hills Hills Hills. Did 6 miles of hills, they definitely were not fast by any means. This was also one of our first pretty hot mornings, my legs are pretty tired after not having a rest day in a week but I am just hoping my legs get used to all the miles again pretty quickly. I followed this up with a Cryo session before a Cross Fit workout that night. We did squats and a WOD of running (rowing for me), Toes to Bar and Double-Unders. I pretty much despised everything in this workout besides the strength portion. I could not string any double-unders together to save my life during this workout. I definitely got home and didn’t move the rest of the evening.

So Hot! Better get used to it though, this is just the beginning!

So Hot! Better get used to it though, this is just the beginning!

Wednesday 6/4 — Happy National Running Day! As tempted as I was to sleep in, I got up and got in a run with the local running store in Dallas, Luke’s Locker. I cut the route a little short as my legs were EXHAUSTED and got in 5.5 miles. I went to Cryo in the evening and then proceeded to do a whole lot of nothing.

New Adidas Running Shoes - I feel like I'm running on clouds!

New Adidas Running Shoes – I feel like I’m running on clouds!

Thursday 6/5 — 6 easy miles followed by strides! Was going to cut it short to 5 but got in all 6! I think this run is just what my body needed, my legs felt like they had a little pep in them after I was done. It was also my first run in my Adidas Glides! I seriously felt like I was running on a cloud.

Friday 6/6 — DAY OFF RUNNING – REST DAY – Much needed, my tired legs needed a day off. Spent the morning “celebrating” national doughnut day with my Husband with some doughnuts (of course) and coffee (of course)

Happy National Doughnut Day!

Happy National Doughnut Day!

Oiselle Running Outfit for my Saturday long run! First run in my hail mary top!

Oiselle Running Outfit for my Saturday long run! First run in my hail mary top!

Saturday 6/7 — Long Run Saturday! 14 miles – really hot/humid! This was my longest run in 3-4 months, I definitely was feeling that the last 2 miles. Overall my legs felt pretty decent after my first few miles, I can’t believe that soon 14 miles will be a “short” long run. Followed this up with a modified CrossFit WOD (no running for me!) and a Cryo Party with some of my running friends!

Cryo Party!

Cryo Party!

Sunday 6/8 — Easy recovery 4 miler w/strides afterwards. I was really not in the mood to do this run but it ended up being relaxing and my legs felt so much better afterwards!

Total Mileage: 41.5
3 CrossFit Classes

Any tips on how to master double unders?
Do you lay out your running outfit the night before?
Did you celebrate National Doughnut Day properly with a doughnut??

Portland Marathon Training – Week 2

Well the second week of training is officially in the books! I am definitely starting to feel like I’m “in training,” by how much my appetite is increasing and how ridiculously tired I am by the end of the day. I just keep telling myself that this will feel more normal in the next few weeks. Below is a summary of my second week of training if you are interested! I was pretty bad at taking pictures this week — will work on it this next week!

Monday 5/26 — I originally had planned on doing an easy 6 miler but decided I wanted to participate in the Murph workout with my Crossfit gym honoring the military. Jim and I both did this and ran the last mile of it together. Murph is a 1 mile run, 100 pull ups, 200 push ups, 300 air squats, 1 mile run. I used bands on the pull ups and used a box for the push ups to modify it and make it so I could actually finish. If you are interested in reading more about where the workout comes from read

We finished Murph! Tired and happy!

We finished Murph! Tired and happy!

We finished Murph! Tired and happy![/caption]
We followed this up with a shower and a cryo session!

Tuesday 5/27 — I had a run on the schedule but I woke up and could barely move because I was so sore SO I opted to sleep in a little more before work. Throughout the day I had planned on doing an easy 4 miler after work but I since I could barely walk, I opted to take the day completely off and go in for a cryo session.

Wednesday 5/28 — Still really sore but got in an easy 6 miler in the morning. This was an enjoyable run on a cooler but very humid morning in Dallas. I ran with a local running store, Lukes Locker , for their Wednesday morning social run. Its a fun way to get in a run and some socialization before work! After work, I went to my crossfit gym and did a workout — I lifted pretty light as I am still sore but didn’t want to go all week without any strength training.

Thursday 5/29 — 7 miles. Felt decent on this run. Working on getting used to the summer humidity again. We continued the tradition of having a large group on Thursday runs which has been really fun. Went to a cryo session in the evening — my calves are feeling pretty tight.

Friday 5/30 — 5 miles + Strides. Felt pretty dehydrated on this run, definitely need to start drinking more water during the day as the weather heats up! After work, I went to a cryo session and then went and did a cross fit workout — lifted lighter than I normally would to hopefully preserve my muscles for long run Saturday. In cross fit we did ab mat situps, squats, kettle bell swings and some rowing. I was pretty pumped to see how much my rowing is improving. I also brought my foam roller with me to work and rolled out my calves during my lunch break — running dork alert!

Saturday 5/31 — Long Run Saturday! Ran 12 miles and it felt SO MUCH better than last Saturday’s long run. This was the longest run I’ve done since March and the first double digit run I’ve done since Ragnar four weeks ago. Afterwards my mom and I grabbed coffee, a donut and went and did Cryo!

Sunday 6/1 — 5 Miles + Strides. Did this run as an easy easy easy 5 mile recovery run. It was already over 80 degrees when I started at 8:15 am. Summer is definitely here! This run was extremely tough mostly due to the heat. I followed up the run with some strides and an afternoon nap. I really wanted to ride my bike but I was so exhausted, I figured it wouldn’t be the best idea going into next week. I also spent 20 minutes rolling out my legs and stretching while watching the Seattle Mariners play!

All of my Oiselle is clean and ready for Week 3 of training! Love all my shorts and tanks!

All of my Oiselle is clean and ready for Week 3 of training! Love all my shorts and tanks!

Total Mileage for the Week: 37 miles
3 Crossfit Classes

Has summer hit where you live yet?
Any tips for running in the heat?
What did you do this weekend?

Beer Dinner and Links!

Memorial Day weekend was great here in Dallas! My husband and I had a great weekend of pretty much doing nothing. We did go and see “Neighbors” which was HILARIOUS. We did not stop laughing the entire time.

Last night, Jim and I attended a Beer Dinner at a bar/restaurant in Dallas — The Libertine. A beer dinner consists of numerous courses paired with different types of beer. Luckily for Jim, this was a beer and whiskey dinner! There were a total of 5 courses served, each course paired with a different beer and/or whiskey. Unfortunately, I’m new to blogging and totally forgot to take a picture of most of the courses. I would HIGHLY recommend this type of dinner to anyone that loves beer and food. The Libertine also has a brewery come in and talk about their beer and why it was paired with each course. The featured brand of beer at this dinner was Wasatch from Utah — I was really surprised how much I enjoyed the IPA.

Jim and I at the Beer Dinner at the Libertine - good food and drinks!

Jim and I at the Beer Dinner at the Libertine – good food and drinks!

Our dinner consisted of five courses, the first course was two meats paired with two whiskeys, the second course was a lemon soup paired with a lemon infused IPA (this was probably my favorite course and favorite pairing of the evening), the third course was an oyster and a clam paired with a black ale and probably the most exciting thing of the evening to nearly everyone in the restaurant — the whiskey with this gigantic ice cube.
Look how giant and perfect this ice cube is! Apparently this is a huge deal to whiskey drinkers!

Look how giant and perfect this ice cube is! Apparently this is a huge deal to whiskey drinkers!

Jim is so pumped about this whiskey and ice cube :-)

Jim is so pumped about this whiskey and ice cube 🙂

Finally, the fourth course was this GIANT lamb shank paired with a Russian Imperial Stout and the fifth course was french toast and a croissant paired with a bourbon/whiskey blend. Both those courses were also delicious, unfortunately I ate my dessert before I thought about taking a picture — oops. Our only complained about the fourth course was that it definitely needed some sort of carb with it!
Giant lamb shank! The sauce paired really well with the beer.

Giant lamb shank! The sauce paired really well with the beer.

Finally — here are some links I’ve loved lately!

1. I love the way Robyn writes about food and eating — this is a great blog post regarding calorie counting and hunger.
2. All of the teammates Ragnar Cape Cod Recaps — check them out! Everyone has a unique perspective/view of the weekend. It was especially fun for me to read Van 1 recaps since I wasn’t there!
Ali KellyDriver ShaunMelissaDanielleJessCarolynCaptain Stacey
3. Combining Strength Training with Running
4. History of the Marathon
5. A great blog post by one of my Cross Fit coaches about the myth of “Cross Fit being Dangerous.”

Have you read any great articles lately you want to share?
Have you ever been to a beer dinner before?
Is this giant perfect ice cube exciting to you — are you a whiskey drinker?