Back to School (and Marathon Training)

Hello Readers –

I know it has been awhile! I have been busy finishing up my pre-requisite classes, traveling, preparing for grad school to start and soaking up the last bits of summer with my little lady! Lately I have been searching Google for blogs about becoming a Registered Dietitian and for following the Hanson’s Marathon training program. I was able to find a couple but figured it may be helpful for some other ladies if I record my experience with both!


Getting in weekend runs with Mackenzie – how cute are her running shorts?!

I will start my clinical nutrition program at UTSW at the end of August and I am going to use the Hanson’s Marathon program to train for the Houston Marathon in January, so that will start in September!

To get into the Masters of Clinical Nutrition program at UTSW, I had to take A LOT of pre-requisite classes. I majored in Marketing for my undergrad so unfortunately did not have very many science classes under my belt which was mostly what was needed for admittance. I decided in June of 2014 that I wanted to begin the path to become a Registered Dietitian and over the last 2 years I took, biology, chemistry, biology 2, chemistry 2, nutrition, anatomy & physiology 1 & 2, microbiology, organic chemistry, genetics and biochemistry. Nearly all of these classes had a lab to go along with them as well! Fortunately, I found most of these classes interesting and can definitely see how they will relate to classes I will be taking in grad school. However, science is definitely something that doesn’t come naturally to me, so lots and lots of studying was required to get through these classes! During this time, I also had to take the GRE, I also took a class for this as well and would highly recommend taking a class to anyone who has to take a test like this.

The program I was accepted into will start towards the end of August of 2016 and I will finish in August of 2018 — this will include having classes over the summers. I feel so lucky to have this opportunity to go back to school to study something I am passionate about. I have so much support for my husband and both of our families to keep working towards my goal of becoming a Registered Dietitian — I am one lucky lady.


Soaking up the last weeks of summer with my fav girl!

I am so excited for this next chapter to start in a few weeks but I’m definitely soaking up these last couple weeks of freedom to sleep in (as much as you can with a 14 month old), going to 8:30 am workout classes, lounging around during nap time and watching trash tv (Hello Real Housewives of Orange County) and of course spending as much time with Baby M (and Jim) as possible!

Once marathon training starts I will start posting weekly or biweekly posts about my experience with the Hanson’s Marathon Training Program!

Hansons Marathon Method

Hansons Marathon Method – I have been reading this book to get inspired for Marathon Training!


A post about our trip to the Olympic Track and Field Trials in Eugene, OR is already scheduled to post on Monday!

Have any of you ever followed the Hanson’s Marathon Program?

Have you ever gone back to school later in life?



Weekend Wrap Up and Becoming a RD!

I hope everyone had a good weekend! Here is my weekend in pictures!

Coffee and Doughnuts with the Husband to start off Friday

Coffee and Doughnuts with the Husband to start off Friday

Party on the Lawn at the Blake Shelton Concert with my Mom and Sister.

Party on the Lawn at the Blake Shelton Concert with my Mom and Sister.

Run in the rain in my Oiselle Gear! Distance shorts, Flyte tank & Oiselle baseball cap!

Run in the rain in my Oiselle Gear! Distance shorts, Flyte tank & Oiselle baseball cap!

Pretty Latte on a Rainy Day

Pretty Latte on a Rainy Day

Meeting our Friends' new pup!

Meeting our Friends’ new pup!

The pup rickin' out in some beats.

The pup rickin’ out in some beats.

Now my latest news….

I recently decided to quit my job in the technology industry and to go back to school to become a Registered Dietitian! It is a huge change and will require a lot of science classes! I graduated with a degree in Business back in 2007 and haven’t been in class since! I have about a year’s worth of prerequisites to take and I couldn’t be more excited (definitely nervous) to get started on this journey. I will start by taking a few classes this summer and then will continue to take classes in the fall. If all goes according to plan, I should finish my prerequisites next summer and hopefully will start grad school in September of 2015! I also need to take the GRE.

I am so lucky I have the support and encouragement from my husband to start this journey. He understands I may not have as much free time as I do now as I will definitely need to study and concentrate on doing everything I can to get accepted into graduate school. It is also amazing having the support of so many of my friends and family to pursue this goal — I thought everyone may think I’m crazy! Instead everyone is supportive and interested in hearing how I am going to accomplish my goal, knowing I have the support of my husband, friends and family makes this process so much easier.

Why a Registered Dietitian?
I am constantly reading about fad diets and different foods and trying new recipes at home. I realized that something I spend a lot of my free time doing (and really enjoying learning about) could become my career if I wanted to take a risk and go back to school right before turning 30! I have a huge passion for food and am very interested at how changing your diet can affect your health in so many different ways besides weight loss/gain. I think it will be interesting to learn WHY certain foods are good to eat to fuel your body from an athletic standpoint and it will also be interesting to learn how to help people by creating meal plans and understanding what they go through emotionally. I have always wanted to be super passionate about my career and feel that this will be a step in the right direction.

I am a little nervous about being the “old lady” in school (especially in community college where I will be taking my prereqs), but in the long run almost 30 isn’t that old! My last day at my job is on Friday and then my husband and I are going on a little vacation and then I’ll have a few days before I start classes!

Have you ever made a major career change?
Any advice on my journey to becoming an RD?
Did you take a GRE prep course?
How was your weekend?!