Week 2: Hanson’s Marathon Program

Week 2 looked a lot like Week 1 but with absolutely no photos of anything running related oops! There wasn’t much different about this from the week before but I didn’t fit in any strength training. I was bombarded with tests during this week so was happy with just getting all of my runs in! I am definitely enjoying this base building phase easing me into running more than 2-3 days a week without having to stress out about speed workouts!

Monday — Easy 4 miles

Tuesday — Easy 5 miles with one of my favorite running buddies! Love running with friends, it makes the miles fly by!


Wednesday — off! Took Wednesday off instead of Tuesday off since I went to Carrie Underwood Tuesday night.

Thursday — 4 easy treadmill miles

Friday — Easy 5 miles with one of my favorite running friends!

Saturday — Easy 7 miles pushing Mackenzie in the Bob and with Mom! Hopefully this was the last hot humid run of the summer!!!

Sunday — Off

This week is going well so far too! Even with my late (for me) nights of studying, I’ve still managed to get my runs in.  Unfortunately for you readers I don’t have anything else exciting to add, just boring base building. I’ll try to do better in my week 3 recap.


10 Tips for Running after Baby


Baby and Mommy’s first run! Look at those running shoes

I had baby Mackenzie about 9 months ago and have had a few people ask me how I got back into running and have seen some posts on Facebook in running groups I’m in asking the same thing! I figured I could write what worked for me and maybe help out some ladies after having their babies!

First of all – I didn’t have any crazy difficulties with labor and delivery and was cleared to resume running by my doctor at my 6 week appointment. Definitely consult your own doctor on when you should begin running again. I also ran until 32 or 33 weeks (can’t remember the exact date of my last run).

My tips for starting to run after having a baby!

  1. Start EASY – my first few runs were run 1 minute, walk 3 minutes for 24-32 minutes.
  2. SLEEP IS KING. If I had the choice between sleeping and running, I picked sleep. My baby was a terrible sleeper in the first few months and I was barely getting more that 4-6 hours of sleep (not all at one time) per night. Don’t beat yourself up because you missed a run – your body is still recovering and you are taking care of a baby!
  3. For the baby – nurse or feed the baby right before running. This will ensure that the baby won’t get hungry while out running and will make sure mom is more comfortable! Also dress the baby appropriately for the weather – since I started running again in the Texas summer, the baby would wear a onesie and nothing else. We also would put one of our phones in the stroller with her favorite noise playing to encourage her to sleep while we were running.


    Dressed and ready to get in some miles in the hot Texas sun!

  4. When doing those first few runs at a pace so slow you think you may be able to walk faster relish in them! I clearly remember my first few runs because I told myself I would be able to look back on those runs in a couple months and see how far I had come.
  5. Set small goals and get excited when you achieve them! The first time I ran a mile without stopping you would have thought I just finished a 10 mile run I was so excited.
  6. Invest in new sports bras if needed! This was definitely something I needed! While I love all my Oiselle running gear the bras definitely weren’t supportive enough for me.
  7. Find buddies that will go slow with you! Both my mom and my husband were willing to take it slow with me which made my runs more fun!
  8. Sign up for races! I signed up for a 10K 3.5 months after having the baby and another 10K about 6 weeks later – it was fun to see the progression in speed! I took almost 2 minutes off per mile in 6 weeks :-). I also signed up for a half marathon 6.5 months after the baby was born which was the perfect amount of time for me to build back up to running 13 miles.


    Baby and Mommy’s first run! Look at those running shoes

  9. Join a training group! After running my first half marathon after having the baby, I joined the Lukes Locker Half Marathon training program. It was just what I needed to work on getting my speed back! It has been fun running with a group again and getting my legs moving at a faster pace again. I definitely still have work to do but I am definitely feeling like my old self again.
  10. Finally my last tip is to BE KIND TO YOURSELF! Don’t beat yourself up for missing a run or running slow or being a few pounds heavier than you used to be. You are still a runner and if you want you will get back to where you used to be with some hard work! Just enjoy the miles and the process. Enjoy sharing your love of fitness with your little one and maybe you will pass the running bug onto the next generation

What other tips do you mamas have to share?

Feel free to comment with any questions you have! By taking it easy and slowly ramping up I have been running (fingers crossed) injury free for almost 8 months now and am really enjoying the process! I actually get excited for most of my runs and just feel blessed to get to go out there and run. Today I did intervals in the wind while pushing the stroller and loved almost every minute of it. I already have a post ready to go on must haves for running with baby!


Love my new little running buddy!

19 Weeks Wrap Up!

Greetings from the air! I am currently on my way back to Dallas after spending the weekend in Charlotte with my husband visiting one of my high school BFFs and her husband. It was a wonderful weekend that just makes your heart feel full. Reconnecting with an old friend right where you left off is the sign of a true friendship in my opinion. We had a great time eating our way through Charlotte and watching playoff football. So bummed about the Cowboys losing.

Spending time with one of my best friends!

Spending time with one of my best friends!

During this pregnancy I am hoping to maintain my fitness and complete a couple half marathons. I figured I can keep my blog updated with what I have been doing in case anyone is interested in “pregnant running/fitness.” I am currently 19 weeks pregnant (will be halfway this week – CRAZY!) and have been feeling pretty good the past few weeks! The first trimester definitely was a bit rough with just having no energy and a little nausea but overall I am a lucky woman and didn’t deal with too many issues. I was able to continue to run and crossfit. I think its so fun “running with my baby.”

My fitness goals are:
* Complete the Houston Half Marathon on Sunday!
* Complete my first trail half marathon at 29 weeks pregnant — if for some reason my body doesn’t allow this, that will be fine but I am excited to train and attempt to complete this even if it means some walking. My mom and I are both planning on doing this — Grasslands Half Marathon.
* Continue to run 3-4 times a week and go to Crossfit 3 times a week.

19 Weeks Workouts:

Monday — CrossFit and ran a mile afterwards
Tuesday — 6 miles of hills! This run was a little rough but with a little walking I made it through!
Wednesday — CrossFit in the morning and then a WINDY 4 mile run with my mom — we were hoping to do trails but since they were muddy that was not an option for us.
Thursday — CrossFit — tons of rowing!
Friday — Almost 5 miles
Saturday — Day Off
Sunday — Elliptical

I was planning on getting in a longer run on Saturday but I ended up sleeping in and not having time for it. At this point I am just going to enjoy sleeping in while I can — my husband and I definitely know those days are numbered!

Since I failed to take any workout photos this week - I'll end this with a pic of my pup :-) Thanks Robyn!

Since I failed to take any workout photos this week – I’ll end this with a pic of my pup 🙂 Thanks Robyn!

Are you still friends with anyone from high school?
What was the last weekend trip you took?

Portland Marathon Training – Week 4 & 5

It has been a week since I last posted, this was not intentional but life got in the way! Below are my training recaps for both week 4 and week 5 of training. Week 4 was one of those weeks where life/not sleeping got in the way and I was forced to listen to my body and back off a little bit. Thankfully it was a down week and week 5 went really well!

Week 4

Monday 6/9  – I was planning on waking up and going to CrossFit but it just didn’t happen. This was night 2 of sleeping horribly and I opted to stay in bed for an extra couple of hours and snuggle with the pup. 

How could I resist this face?!

How could I resist this face?!

Tuesday 6/10 – Hills Hills Hills in the morning! It was actually 10 degrees (or more) cooler than the week before and it felt so nice! We were actually a little chilly when we finished (note – it was 67 degrees, Texans are crazy). PM – Cryo and CrossFit — I am now asking for alternatives to running in the WODs as I’d rather gain strength when I’m there. I’m doing enough cardio outside of CrossFit.

Wednesday 6/11 – Planned on running but my shins were bothering me when I woke up. I dealt with shin splints ALL last summer/fall and would really like to not repeat that this year. Did some light stretching.

Thursday 6/12 — Crossfit, opted to take another rest day from running to let the shins continue to heal.

Friday 6/13 — Fail. Planned on getting up to run, ended up sleeping through my alarm.

Saturday 6/14Collin Classic Bike Rally with my mom and husband! Rode just over 26 miles which was pretty far after not really riding at all the past few weeks!

Finished with the Collin Classic Bike Rally. Mom and I rode just over 26 miles, Jim rode 38.

Finished with the Collin Classic Bike Rally. Mom and I rode just over 26 miles, Jim rode 38.

Sunday 6/15 — Happy Father’s Day! This was a planned rest day, decided to take it since I knew week 5 would be high in mileage (for me).

Running – 6 miles
Biking — 26 miles
CrossFit — 2 Classes

Fun rest day out with the in-laws celebrating Father's Day

Fun rest day out with the in-laws celebrating Father’s Day

Week 5

Monday 6/16 — 7 easy miles with Jim in the morning. Crossfit in the afternoon.

Tuesday 6/17 — 6 miles of hills — still haven’t felt strong on this route, felt better as I kept going but my calves were really tight on this run which makes it hard to push up the hills. Hoping eventually I can run this route sub 8 pace, but that just isn’t happening yet. Crossfit in the evening along with a cryo freeze.

Wednesday 6/18 — It was a struggle to get this run in but I did it. Managed to get in 6 miles though. I got a much needed sports massage that evening and my calves/shins have been feeling so much better since! My 9:15 pace felt like a sprint.

Thursday 6/19 — 8 miles at at around an 8:30 pace — hoping this run will continue to get faster — again, still adjusting to the heat.

Friday 6/20 — much needed rest day!

Saturday 6/21 — Long Run Saturday! This was my first long run of the year where it was 80 degrees and extremely humid. Tough run but managed to get all 15 miles in around a 8:30 pace. Was hoping to go to CrossFit but was way to worn out after this run to make it happen.

Sunday 6/22 — Recovery run in the rain! 4 miles total around a 9:15 average. I like to keep my recovery miles over a 9 min pace as I feel like it actually does help my legs recover and doesn’t continue to beat them up. It was a really refreshing run and an nice relief from the heat (if you consider 74 and raining not hot ha).

Completely drenched after a recovery 4 mile! So happy I had my Oiselle baseball cap on to keep the rain out of my eyes!

Completely drenched after a recovery 4 mile! So happy I had my Oiselle baseball cap on to keep the rain out of my eyes!

Mileage — 46 miles
2 Crossfit Workouts

Next week will be another week of high (for me) mileage and I start adding in speed after this week!

If you made it to the end of this post —

Do you ever have any of “those weeks” where running just doesn’t happen?
How many rest days do you take a week?
Do you like running in the rain?!

Bark in the Park & Throwback Thursday – Twin Cities Marathon 2013

Last week, one of my friends and I (along with my family) took our pups to Bark in the Park at the Texas Ranger’s Game! It was so fun to bring the dogs to a game. We got there about an hour and a half before the game and stood in a pretty long line to get our tickets. Once we got our tickets and got in the stadium, we immediately joined the line to parade the dogs around the field.

Best Friends Walking around a MLB park - They had no idea how cool this was!

Best Friends Walking around a MLB park – They had no idea how cool this was!

Once we looped the stadium, we headed to our seats to meet up with my family. What is really nice about Bark in the Park is that they give you extra seats for your dogs! With my family, we had 2 full rows to ourselves in our section! It was nice having so much space.
Cute sign in the stadium showing where the dogs were allowed.

Cute sign in the stadium showing where the dogs were allowed.

Selfie in our seats! Kara was sitting in my Dad's lap and I actually got her to look in the right direction.

Selfie in our seats! Kara was sitting in my Dad’s lap and I actually got her to look in the right direction.

It was a pretty long game that the Texas Rangers ended up winning, I think the pups had a good time at the game. They were EXHAUSTED when we left, they both fell asleep as soon as we got back to the car.
Pup watching the game.

Pup watching the game.

My Kara - love this pup so much!

My Kara – love this pup so much!

Now that I have caught you up on what I have done recently, I thought I would do a Throw Back Thursday Race Report! This one is about the Twin Cities Marathon (LOVE!).

The Twin Cities Marathon was honestly one of my favorite marathons I have run (I have run a total of 10). I loved everything about this race — the course, the expo, the size, the weather, the group I went with, the location — EVERYTHING.

The marathon is on a Sunday, we flew out from Dallas on Friday and got into Minneapolis on Friday Night. We slept in on Saturday morning, got some coffee (duh) and headed to the expo. The expo wasn’t huge, wasn’t small and was pretty easy to get through. We went and got our bibs and then did a little shopping! I ended up purchasing 2 Brooks jackets with the Twin Cities Marathon logo on them. The rest of the day we took it really easy — we got some lunch at Whole Foods and then went and saw a movie. We then went back to the hotel for a bit before heading to go eat some Italian Food for dinner. My favorite part of this day would be when my husband realized how far he was running the next day. This definitely was not his first marathon but it was hilarious how all of a sudden it hit him that we were running 26.2 miles tomorrow. My mom was supposed to be running this race too but was injured but still came along to cheer us along the course! We had another friend also injured and one of our friend’s girlfriends cheering as well. I cannot tell you how much better it makes the race knowing that you will see friends along the way!

Picking up my bib at the expo! Love the coffee wall!

Picking up my bib at the expo! Love the coffee wall!

Race day morning we woke up and walked over to the Vikings Stadium (where the starting line was). We LOVED getting to wait inside (pretty chilly outside) and getting to use real bathrooms before the race! It was so seamless about 20 minutes before the start, we checked our bags and then walked over to the start line.
My first race in my Oiselle Team jersey!

My first race in my Oiselle Team jersey!

Once the race started, we ran through downtown before getting to the scenic lakes we ran by. When the race descriptions state “prettiest course” that is not a lie, this course was gorgeous. With the leaves changing colors and the lakes and all the runners, it was just perfect. This race was also a perfect size for me — I had people to run with but I wasn’t completely surrounded by runners (the bigger races can make me feel a little claustrophobic) . My favorite part was seeing our cheering squad! It helped break up the course and gave me something to look forward to!
Waving to my mom around mile 6! And yes my shoe is untied.

Waving to my mom around mile 6! And yes my shoe is untied.

I was definitely hoping to negative split this race but it wasn’t in the cards that day. I was hoping to be in shape to run a faster marathon but with my inconsistent training due to sickness/injury it wasn’t in the cards on that day. However, this is the best I had ever fueled during a race and I didn’t slow down nearly as much as I had in the past. I am lucky I finally figured out that my stomach can handle honeystinger gels/chews and not any other brand. I finally had a race where I didn’t feel nauseous the last half!
My husband, Jim, running. He loves to get the spectators excited.

My husband, Jim, running. He loves to get the spectators excited.

I had been warned by numerous people about the hills from mile 20-22 and I have to say they weren’t nearly as bad I was expecting. I felt like I really didn’t slow down too much because of them and it was really nice that the last few miles were slightly downhill.
Running up Summit Ave - getting so close to being done!

Running up Summit Ave – getting so close to being done!

I was so happy to see the finish line and it was such a beautiful scene – so many American Flags and so many people cheering me in! I didn’t hit my “A” goal but I did finish with a Boston Qualifying time of 3:33. Not too long after I finished, my husband finished. He also loved the course and survived all 26.2 miles.
We did it!

We did it!

We then headed back to the hotel, showered, took a short nap and then had a couple drinks and went to dinner! It was a pretty low key celebration as all of us were pretty tired after running 26.2 miles (and cheering for 26.2 miles) — just ate some bar food and watched some football!
So. Cool. Matching Jackets.

So. Cool. Matching Jackets.

I HIGHLY recommend this marathon – it is one of the best ones around!! Thank you Twin Cities In Motion for such a spectacular experience!

What is your favorite race?
Have you taken your dog to Bark in the Park before?

Portland Marathon Training – Week 3

Week 3 was the first week of the typical really humid weather we have over the summer in Dallas. I am trying to have a good attitude about it (remind me of this in August please). Here is what Week 3 looked like.

Monday 6/2 — 6 easy miles — it was extremely soupy this morning! My calves were also ridiculously tight which was surprising with all the stretching/rolling I have been doing lately. Luckily, this was another easy run to help my legs recover. This is going to be my highest mileage week yet before dropping down in mileage — hoping I can tough it out without my shins/IT band acting up. Followed this up with Cross Fit workout – it was arm heavy which was a nice break for my legs. However, I may have trouble doing anything requiring my arms tomorrow. I also babied my calves and shins by rubbing them out with the stick and applying some Jack Black Dragon Ice before going to bed

Tuesday 6/3 — Hills Hills Hills. Did 6 miles of hills, they definitely were not fast by any means. This was also one of our first pretty hot mornings, my legs are pretty tired after not having a rest day in a week but I am just hoping my legs get used to all the miles again pretty quickly. I followed this up with a Cryo session before a Cross Fit workout that night. We did squats and a WOD of running (rowing for me), Toes to Bar and Double-Unders. I pretty much despised everything in this workout besides the strength portion. I could not string any double-unders together to save my life during this workout. I definitely got home and didn’t move the rest of the evening.

So Hot! Better get used to it though, this is just the beginning!

So Hot! Better get used to it though, this is just the beginning!

Wednesday 6/4 — Happy National Running Day! As tempted as I was to sleep in, I got up and got in a run with the local running store in Dallas, Luke’s Locker. I cut the route a little short as my legs were EXHAUSTED and got in 5.5 miles. I went to Cryo in the evening and then proceeded to do a whole lot of nothing.

New Adidas Running Shoes - I feel like I'm running on clouds!

New Adidas Running Shoes – I feel like I’m running on clouds!

Thursday 6/5 — 6 easy miles followed by strides! Was going to cut it short to 5 but got in all 6! I think this run is just what my body needed, my legs felt like they had a little pep in them after I was done. It was also my first run in my Adidas Glides! I seriously felt like I was running on a cloud.

Friday 6/6 — DAY OFF RUNNING – REST DAY – Much needed, my tired legs needed a day off. Spent the morning “celebrating” national doughnut day with my Husband with some doughnuts (of course) and coffee (of course)

Happy National Doughnut Day!

Happy National Doughnut Day!

Oiselle Running Outfit for my Saturday long run! First run in my hail mary top!

Oiselle Running Outfit for my Saturday long run! First run in my hail mary top!

Saturday 6/7 — Long Run Saturday! 14 miles – really hot/humid! This was my longest run in 3-4 months, I definitely was feeling that the last 2 miles. Overall my legs felt pretty decent after my first few miles, I can’t believe that soon 14 miles will be a “short” long run. Followed this up with a modified CrossFit WOD (no running for me!) and a Cryo Party with some of my running friends!

Cryo Party!

Cryo Party!

Sunday 6/8 — Easy recovery 4 miler w/strides afterwards. I was really not in the mood to do this run but it ended up being relaxing and my legs felt so much better afterwards!

Total Mileage: 41.5
3 CrossFit Classes

Any tips on how to master double unders?
Do you lay out your running outfit the night before?
Did you celebrate National Doughnut Day properly with a doughnut??

Happy National Running Day + 5 Things I’m Loving Right Now

Happy National Running Day! I kicked off my day with a 5.5 mile run with a local running store, Lukes Locker! I also got 20% off a new pair of shoes in honor of this fabulous holiday!

I’m joining my first link-up (hopefully I’m doing this right) with Olive To Run.

I run because it makes me happy and sane and has provided me with some fabulous relationships — best friends, husband, mother-daughter!

I. Love. Running.  Thanks Stacey @ CapeCodRunner.com for the pic!

I. Love. Running.
Thanks Stacey @ CapeCodRunner.com for the pic!

1. Treat.com — I always try to send birthday/anniversary/congratulations cards to my loved ones, Treat.com is a fabulous website where you can design and send personalized cards. You can add pictures/comments and really make someone feel special. You can also plan for the future and have them sent on a specific date. It is cost effective as well as you can buy packages up front for as low as $1.99/card. Why don’t you order one for you dad for father’s day?! They are seriously so cute — you can add pictures on them, my cards always have a picture of my pup on the back.

2. Oiselle Vertical Drop Tank — This tank is so cute, fashionable and versatile. Not only is it made out of this perfect wicking fabric for running, it is super cute for “normal” wear. I must admit I own it in two colors. 

Stretching after a run in the Vertical Drop. I think it will be cute to wear to some baseball games.

Stretching after a run in the Vertical Drop. I think it will be cute to wear to some baseball games.

3. Zoe’s Kitchen — SO. Delicious. This is my favorite place to pick up a healthy/quick lunch or dinner. Not only is the food fresh and delicious, they also have an app where you can take a picture of you receipt and they will send you a “deal.” It definitely encourages you to go back. Check it out to see if there is a location near you! I always finish my food before thinking about taking a photo — that is how great it is!

4. French Press — I discovered this thanks to Stacey! One sip of French Press Iced Coffee and I was hooked! I immediately bought a French Press upon arriving back in Dallas (seriously, went straight to Sur La Table and purchased). The French Press has been so popular with visitors that Stacey has posted a “how to blogpost on how to make iced coffee.”

We love our French Press! So does my mom - she sent this to me this morning!

We love our French Press! So does my mom – she sent this to me this morning!

5. Dog Leash Light — We bought this little clip on light for my pup’s leash at Home Depot. It is perfect for taking the pup on a walk at dusk or in the evening and making sure your pup is seen! My dog is slow low to the ground this makes me feel like cars can actually see her when we are walking. Since Kara is so low to the ground, I hook this on her leash where her leash meets her harness, but this could easily be clipped onto the pup’s collar as well. 

Any items you are loving lately that you want to share?
Why do you run?

Happy National Running Day! Get a run in today to celebrate!