Olympic Track & Field Trials 2016

How was everyone’s weekend? In Dallas, we are all just surviving right now. August is the WORST month to live here, it is so hot and it just seems like it isn’t ever going to end. All runs are hot and sweaty no matter how early you get up but fall will be here soon (at least that is what I keep telling myself).

I thought it would be fun to write a little about our trip to Eugene to watch the USA Olympic Track and Field Trials! This trip is one that my mom and I have always said we have wanted to go on. So, when the tickets went on sale last summer, we went ahead and bought them and rented a house in Eugene, OR. It seemed so crazy when the trip finally got here and it was even more fun than we thought it would be!


We are at Hayward Field! The ergo was the BEST for this trip!

We flew in on the first day of the trials and managed to make it just in time to see the races that evening. Hayward Field is just an AMAZING place to watch track and field. All the fans seem to know what is going on on the track and really appreciate what all the athletes are doing. My favorite races were the women’s 800 (go Fast Kate), the men’s 5K (LAGAT), the women’s 3K steeple and both 1500 finals! It was so fun getting to watch all the rounds of races and Jim and Mackenzie really enjoyed watching the pole vault! We were so sad when the races were over. As a non-track fan, my husband really enjoyed the trials! It was fun seeing the track fan come out in him and see him get excited for the different events. It is inspiring watching people accomplish a dream they have been working years to accomplish. I also love how it is all about how well you do on that DAY — there is no judging, it is who ran to the finish line the fastest, jumped the furthest or threw the furthest.


Watching some track! Mackenzie somehow fell asleep during the action.

What is great about the trials is that it is broken up into 8 days of competition, most days only last a few hours which was great. We didn’t feel like we spent our entire day at the track and we were excited to go out there every day. 6 of the 8 days we managed to go to Prince Picklers for Ice Cream before the trials. Prince Picklers is a MUST DO if you are ever in Eugene. My favorite flavor was mint oreo.


Mackenzie LOVED Prince Pucklers

What I would highly recommend if you are thinking about going to the trials:

  • Rent a House — you have to be there for awhile if you want to see all the events, so having a house to stay in is key!
  • Get tickets in one of grand stands — this way you are in the shade if it is super sunny or covered if it is raining (both of these things occurred while we were in Eugene)
  • Go to social runs! It is a great way to meet other runners and have someone show you were to run!

We “ran with” Lauren Fleshman


Mackenzie and I met Nick Symmonds!

Since the track races were typically in the afternoon, we would go run in the mornings – it was so great running in the cooler weather. We did a couple runs from the house that we rented, went and ran on Pre’s Trail one morning, the Adidas Amazon trail, ran to Pre’s Rock and we did a Picky Bars social run (met Lauren Fleshman SO COOL) and a Brooks social run! Lots of running was done!


Pre’s Rock

We also ran a 10K on the Fourth of July called Butte to Butte, it was really fun and there were SO MANY Oiselle singlets out there. My husband was a rock star and pushed the baby the entire race! I would definitely recommend this race to anyone traveling into Eugene over the Fourth of July. We just ran it “for fun” but it is definitely a competitive race if you want to go for time. Traveling with our bob stroller was definitely mandatory for this trip — the baby lovesssss to run!


Me and my Wee Bird after the Butte to Butte 10K

I had the opportunity to meet a few of my Oiselle teammates while we were there! So fun meeting people that I feel like I have known for awhile in real life and not just on social media. Oiselle really brings together an amazing group of women from all over the United States of all different ages, running abilities and professions. My mom and I had the opportunity to attend the Oiselle Power Hour and their Track Town USA party. Oiselle knows how to throw one heck of a party! I also got to meet Kate Grace which capped off an amazing week at the trials.


Mom and me with Kate Grace – 800M champ!

We also had two days without any track where we went wine tasting! We met up with friends from Dallas that happened to be in Oregon at the same time as us and took our daughters out wine tasting. It was actually a good activity to do with a 1 year old – she was pretty entertained with being outside and crawling around. Oregon wineries are beautiful and it was a fun activity to do while we had some “down time” in Eugene.

Finally — our favorite places to eat in Eugene were:

  • Off the Waffle — OMG — AMAZING. The waffles themselves were incredible and then were topped with amazing toppings. My personal favorite was the waffle topped with an egg and bacon. Jim’s favorite was the waffle topped with a granny smith apple and havarti cheese.
  • Vero Espresso –Really great coffee (I have have had 2 lattes both times we were there) and they had a good little breakfast of french toast and bacon!


What is your dream vacation??

Do you enjoy watching Track and Field?